Welcome to our website – we are glad to have you here!

In February 2016, we launched Logis+, our magazine that covers intra-logistics in bakeries.

The magazine is delivered per post to decision-makers in artisanal and industrial bakeries, the supply industry, service providers, and industry-oriented associations in Europe, Russia, The USA, Australia, and the Near East eight times a year . In our digitalised environment, we want to deliver an unmistakable, tangible medium. That is why LOGIS+ can only sent per e-mail as a PDF in exceptional cases.

We have set up this website in order to archive the prospective increasing number of Logis+ issues.

If you wish to re-read a specific article that you found particularly interesting, you can access all past issues in full via the archive.

This platform also allows you to order the magazine for yourself or for a third party.

We hope that Logis+ will provide you with many valuable ideas and the latest news for your logistics business.

With best regards,

Thomas Mertes